(A State University established under Haryana Act No. XXV of 1975)
'A' Grade University Accredited by NAAC
Revised Admission Notification (New & Old students) to the Distance Learning Programmes for the Session 2016-17 Information Brochure for DDE Courses 2016-17

DDE Officers

List of Programme Co-ordinators
Sr. No. Name of the Programme Co-ordinator Subject Contact Number
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Asha, Professor M.A. Sanskrit 01262-393560
2 Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Choudhary, Professor M.A. Economics 01262-393523
3 Dr. Ranbir Singh Gulia, Professor M.A. Political Science 01262-393591
4 Dr. Sewa Singh Dahiya, Professor M.A. Public Administration 01262-393561
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Joon, Professor M.A.Hindi 01262-393201
6 Dr.(Mrs.) Manjeet Rathee, Professor M.A. English 01262-393476
7 Dr. Dalip Singh, Professor M.Sc. Mathematics 01262-393512
8 Dr. Vazir Singh Nehra, Professor Bachelor of Commerce, 01262-393512
9 Dr. Nirmal Kumar Swain, Professor Bachelor of Libarary & Information Sciences, Master of Libarary & Information Sciences 01262-393017
10 Mrs. Sheelu Chaudhary, Associate Professor Bachelor of Arts 01262-393481
11 Mrs. Raman, Associate Professor Commerce (for M.Com) 01262-393512
12 Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Devi, Assistant Professor M.A. Hindi 01262-393201
13 Dr. Sanjay Nandal, Assistant Professor M.A. History 01262-393092
14 Ms. Kiran Bala, Assistant Professor M.A. Economics 01262-393523
15 Dr. Jyoti, Assistant Professor M.A. Political Science 01262-393591
16 Dr. Jagbir Singh Narwal, Assistant Professor M.A. Public Administration 01262-393561
17 Dr. Shree Bhagwaan, Assistant Professor M.A. Sanskrit 01262-393560
18 Sh. Anil Kumar Siwach, Assistant Professor Libarary & Information Science 01262-393017
19 Ms. Meenakshi Hooda, Assistant Professor M.Sc. Mathematics 01262-393312
20 Dr. Sudhir, Assistant Professor M.A. English 01262-393476
21 Dr. Ravi Prabhat, Assistant Professor Bachelor of Arts 01262-393560
22 Dr. Sangita Rani, Assistant Professor Commerce (for M.Com) 01262-393512
23 Dr. Mahender, Assistant Professor Commerce (for B.Com) 01262-393512
24 Dr. Balkishan, Assistant Professor Computer Sc. & Applications 01262-393455
25 Dr. Karamvir Sheokand, Assistant Professor Management 01262-393432